About Us

About Us

We are Keyz2Freedom

We help our clients Minimize Their Taxes, Eliminate Their Debt, and Increase Their Cashflow.

We have identified 4 major obstacles which make it difficult for Americans to attain financial success…

01. Inflation

The first obstacle is Inflation. We have a Solution to overcome this obstacle to help you attain Personal Financial Success.

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02. High Taxes

The second obstacle is High Taxes. We will help you minimize your taxes to attain Personal Financial Success.

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03. Debt

The third obstacle is Debt. Our solutions help to eliminate your debt to attain Personal Financial Success.

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04. No Savings

The fourth obstacle, Inadequate Saving and Investing. We give you the tools to educate yourself and increase savings.

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Obviously, if someone has less taxes, less debt and more cash flow, they will be better off financially. We empower our clients to accomplish these financial goals by using Smart Cashflow Strategies.

The bottom line is old financial strategies are not working. We empower people to find financial success. Our simple strategies will minimize taxes while increasing cashflow and assets. It's time to give yourself the power of financial success!




What Our Clients Say

You better be assured that I will be a returning customer and will only trust my taxes to be prepared by Deshaun for the upcoming years.

Junior Sargent

I use Keyz2Freedom and I have referred friends to DeShaun as I know he will take care of them the way he took care of me and my friends.

Ana Marie Palma

Very professional and knowledgable. DeShaun is a delight and always has the answers I need! Definitely reccomend his team.

Alexi Braum

Millions of people desire more financial success, but to get it, you need More Cashflow, Better Financial Strategies, and Financial Education. Contact us today for the strategies to win!